Thursday, January 26, 2012

Portrait #4 - Nenette

Do you know Nenette?

Nenette is a funny lady who tries to find the meaning of life, by constantly questioning her/the world. 
Dressed in black in a kaleidoscope environment, this character imagined by the Quebecker artist Catherine Genest evolves in a poetical, sometimes frightening universe, whether she stands in a city, or in any other place.

Coming across strange encounters likely to be ourselves, Nenette runs her nice but broody eyes over our contradictions, and wonders with puzzlment, and a great sense of humour about day-to-day existence.

Nenette has now her own series.
You can find her and her beautiful drawings on

And if she agrees, we might introduce you soon on this blog wit her gifted creator.

If you were :
    • A city                                  A city with many buildings in the middle of a forest
    • An ideal landscape             (A city with many buildings in the middle of a forest)
    • A word                                 Daydream
    • A time of day                        8:00 PM
    • A sound                               Sounds and far away noises we hear when our head is under the water
    • Means of communication       A look
    • A colour                                All of them, without exception 
    • A fairy tale                            Nenette's
    • A super power                       Speaking every language
    • If you could be someone else  I would like to be me, with a different hairstyle
    • Your hero of fiction                Members of the Tenenbaum family
    • Your current state of mind     Fairly calm, I'd say